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Munich High End 2015

München High End 2015

Monaco High End 2015

We were in Room F224

Wir waren im Raum F224

Eravamo nella stanza F224

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Wrap-up Dry Run

Rückblich Dry Run

Ricordiamo il Dry Run

We started already one week before the show. We met all together at Blumenhofer to . it was our Dry Run. Here You can read more about what we have been up to at Blumenhofer on their web pages.
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Setup Day 1

Setup Tag 1

Primo giorno

The first day has not been a real struggle. Quietly starting with a good caffe. We brought the whole material to the venue… the whole? Not really. We were still missing the phono preamp and the turntable. But so far we have been able to setup the system, as we did learn during the dry run days. Distances, cable choices, positioning of the components.
During the dry run we were not happy to have ‘just’ a Genuin FS 1 MK 2. But then this developed to be the right choice. Among companies playing it big and not really good, we were playing it small, but really really cool!
At the end of the day. Italian ham with french wine. A perfect combination :)

Setup Day 2 and 3

Setup Tag 2 und 3

Secondo e terzo giorno

On the morning of the second day we were still missing the turntable, first. Then it came and it was not set up. It was like if it were to be built up from scratch. The promised one hour of work developed to be 4. Changing tonearms, finding a big humm after having the whole system set up. A really annoying and loud humm… What to do then.
Well, let’s work: we changed the position of some components of the whole system allowing the whole system to breathe in the proper way. And the humm was suddenly gone, the way it came: big feeling of relief.
After such a day, the best thing is to enjoy the good things around Munich: we drove to Andechs, to have a beer and a typical Schweinshaxe.
On the last day there is only the fine tuning of the system. It must play well: we will stay in these rooms for 4 days nearly continuously, we want it to be perfect.

The Show

Die Messe

Il Monaco High End

This is the reason why we have come to the Munich High End. Not the setup, not the beer at Andechs, not the grappa or the caffe. But the most important HiFi Show in the world.
Let’s rock! Now starts the party, the music: the hard work was in the days before, transporting and setting up all the components. Now it is time to blow our horns.

We had 4 gorgeous days, we had old customers and new customers coming, old friends and new friends appearing on our doors.
People came and stayed. For longer time, some people stayed there for hours and hours in our booth other went and came back again several times just to enjoy ever single note playing on our system.
We received compliments from lot of people, and we were proud of what we did… and the biggest prize was, after the show, to find in lot of online magazines the praise of the quality of our room: Mono and Stereo, Audio Activity, Sempre Audio, Fair Audio, Remusic, Hi-Fi Voice. Just to name some of them. Lot of positive feedback is as well the good contact with potential new customers.
Well. We say thank You to all the visitors of our rooms, we are already looking forward for the next Munich High End. We will have an hard bone to chew: we have to do better. And believe me, we already know some points where we might improve ;-)

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Thank You and see You in 2016

Danke und Aufwiedersehen in 2016

Grazie ed arrivederci nel 2016