Our Philosophy, our way of thinking

We are convinced that nowadays there are still many weak spots in a Hi-Fi system and to realize this you just need to listen to a live music event.
The difference will be evident both at classical music concerts in prestigious theatres and while listening to a wandering street music player. It’s not just a matter of timbre fidelity and linear reproduction from low to high frequencies, it’s the fact that live music propagates in all directions but at the same time it has a huge dynamic load capable of giving back to listeners the emotions of who created that music.
All this is very tricky to recreate at home and anyone who wishes to listen to the music in order to revive the emotions of a live listening, often is disappointed and swaps amplifiers, subwoofers, cd-players, etc. The result is money spent to improve some aspects of the sound reproduction but without facing the basic problem.
After more than 30 years of love for music and its trusted reproduction, we, at Cammino, have now reached the consciousness that the connecting cables are one of the weak spots of a Hi-Fi system deserving this name.
Our CAMMINO CABLES are manufactured starting from very high quality materials but this is not sufficient to offer a good final result. In fact, all the cables’ types (signal, loudspeaker and electrical line) use the same electrical and mechanical configuration. This shared configuration across all cable types allows that the tonal balance, pattern and velocity of propagation give the same listening emotions.
Besides this, our top products incorporate the innovative technology called “Electromagnetic Field Tuner” that along with the double or triple shielding systems and vibrations reduction system, cleans out the electrical signal not only from the external interferences but also from the ones who are generated inside the cable itself.
Using CAMMINO CABLES and Power Harmonizer you have solved the basic problem of a HiFi System and you can concentrate on the music and its emotions.
Your system components (actual and future ones) will only have to amplify the sound signal alone and not any additional spurious information.