Visit at STS Digital

On the trip trough Holland we started a cooperation with STS-Digital as well.
This is the post production room and, as You can see, there is a Power Harmonizer on the system, from now on, all CDs and LPs produced by STS-Digital will use a Power Harmonizer!

Visit at Henk and Marja of 6moons

In an idillic Dutch landscape, we had one of the most important meeting in the last few years, and we were a little bit nervous at the beginning... but just at the beginning!!
Henk and Marja, a very nice couple, collaborating in their free time for 6moons, one of the leading e-zines for HiFi in the world, have been able make us feel welcome at once.

The reason, of this nervousness was simply that this was the most challenging exam for our products. It was the test wether our products was worth putting on the market or not...
...the result will come sometimes in the future, but something we can already tell You, straight from the beginning the feeling was good. Straight from the beginning both of them Henk & Marja liked the finely structured thinking behind the product and the philosophy supporting it.

Here to see some pictures made there.

Analogue Audio Forum Krefeld

Even this year we participated to the analog Audio Forum in Krefeld.

In our room the setup consistsed of:

- Rui Borges - Uno Turntable
- Einstein Audio Components - The Turntable's choice Phono Preamplifier
- Einstein Audio Components - The Tube Preamplifier
- Einstein Audio Components - The Light in the Dark Stereo Power Amplifier
- Blumenhofer Acoustics - Gioia Loudspeakers
- Cammino HP - complete power supply and cabling including its extraordinary Power Harmonizer

On the first day we had a straight setup, it played, but it was not possible to turn up the volume. The people were already satisfied, but we did not. We knew what was reachable with that setup and we reached maximum 60% of that. Not satisfactory. Not at all for us.
In the night from Saturday to Sunday, after a good dinner in a nearby restaurant, we spent half of the night to start from scratch. What a wonder, on the second day, music was playing, finally music was in the room and cheered our ears. Thanks to Marco for the big effort.
Thanks to Hanna as well for taking care about the customers and to J├╝rgen from HiFi Studio Fuchs for the LPs.

And most of all thank You to the whole AAA Team for the great organization of the event and the great support during the days of the show!!! See You again next year!

Here You can see the pictures.