"Real High Efficiency" event in Calco near Lecco, Italy

On the 28th of June Alta Fedeltà in Calco, near Lecco hosted a very nice event with Blumenhofer and Octave. We had the chance to present our products as well and hold a short seminar on the importance of how to treat current as one of the 2 important signals that generate music.
Here You can read something more about the event. It is written on Italian.

The Sala Grande room had:
  • whole cabling from Cammino-HP
  • Power harmonization from Cammino as well

The Sala Nuova room presented:

Needles to say that most people spent most of the time in the Sala Grande.
Well, we hat lots of questions and lot of information share, lot of talks and, in between, I had the chance to sit down and enjoy some music: my impression was that there was no system, that everything disappeared and the music came like a wall with a refinement and a description precise like a diamond cut. It had the presence and the richness of a complete symphonic orchestra. Wow a seldom experience!
Here some pictures of the event (thanks to Blumenhofer)

p.s.: during the event we agreed with Angelo Jasparro of Audio-activity to experiment the Power Harmonizer at his place very soon