Ethernet Cable - ETH 8.0

Finally we also completed the path of the digital signal including the Ethernet cable in our offer. It is an extraordinary cable made of very high quality components and, of course, some of our magic as well.

It is a real cat 8 cable. He can transport up to 2Gbit of data at a distance of 30m without losses. But this is not really what it is about. It is about having a complete natural sound experience in our digital chain. Normally the digital music sounds a bit detached and harsh. This is a way to start solving this issues. Once You connect it, even if You do not believe in these kind of cables, You will understand and enjoy the big difference in the performance of Your system.

Of course it is not just the components, of course there is our mechanical vibration damping system, there is our advanced solution for shielding the conductors and reduce as far as possible the malevolent influence of the environment. 

It is not just an ethernet Cammino cable. It is a further step in Your path to music.