Analogue Extrema Rotterdam

Marco our distributor surpassed himself.
He organized the show with an exceptional presence of our brand: our cables and power harmonizers were present in 3 rooms.

In one room there was:
- Genuin FS 1 of Blumenhofer Acoustics
- in a setup with 4 Turntables from Pluto and Acoustics Signature
- 4 Phono preamplifiers from Einstein, van den Hul, Octave and Monk Audio
- and the Octave V110 with a (silver) black box.
- 2 of our Power Harmonizers!!

a really impressive setup.
On the sunday, in this room have been recorded and replayed a live concert of Case Mayfield. It was astonishing to have the artist sitting there and the music playing 1 to 1 and hardly notice a difference between the live and the playback performance.

The second room had:
- Blumenhofer Acoustics Genuin FS 2
- Einstein integrated amplifier
- Einstein Phono Preamplifier
- Dr. Feickert Blackbird
- and just one power harmonizer

The third room showed:
- Blumenhofer Acoustics big Fun 20
- Hans Acoustics Turntables
- and 'just' cabling from us

Here more pictures!