New Power Cable M15.3 MK 2 has been released

M15.3 MK 2 - Power Cable released

Finally the power cable M15.3 MK 2 has been released and in the picture You can see the first batch of 6 power cables leaving the company these days.

The precedent version has been realized back in 2011 and has been supported by the taste of lot of music lovers over the years. Smaller improvements marked its live, but nothing really radical, small cosmetics.
This time the improvement is real. A complete new calibration of the EFT circuit has been implemented. The result is a more defined bass response, tailored to clearly distinguish the deep bass from the percussive bass.
The new M15.3 MK 2 keeps the musicality of the previous version, increasing the dynamic and the introspective capabilities with a tonal balance able to easily reproduce from the hard rock to classical music. 

On the contrary of other companies we are not able to deliver a new astonishing product every week, we need time because every time we need to surpass ourselves and achieve a better result and a better level than before.

However, never forget to check the absolute electrical phase of Your equipment. As stronger reminder we deliver with each reference power cable and harmonizer a phase testing screwdriver.